'Buitenplaats Op Hodenpijl' is located in Schipluiden in the municipality of Midden-Delfland. The location has a beautiful chapel and a restaurant. Nature, culture, art, health and well-being come together in four buildings and two gardens. In the Herdershof restaurant, the pure flavors of Midden-Delfland are served. At the Living Country Estate - with the stable and vegetable garden - you can see where all these local flavors come from. The Closing concert of the Stoelendans Concerts in Midden-Delfland is in Op Hodenpijl. Afterwards you can dine here (optional), in good weather in the garden. Klick here for dinner tickets.

Rijksstraatweg 20-22, 2636 AX Schipluiden

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Kapel Op Hodenpijl