Delft Chamber Music Festival

July 28 - August 4, 2023

The 26th edition of the Delft Chamber Music Festival will take place in 2023. Artistic director Nino Gvetadze puts together a program around the theme "On the road". National and international top musicians, young masters and young talents will make their appearance. The program is online. Ticket sales has started!

Join us this summer in Delft!

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Programme 2023
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Theme 2023: On the road

Why is it that our hearts beat faster with excitement as soon as we pack our bags and hit the road? It is the perspective of discovering a new world, different cultures and people and finding unknown aspects of our character in circumstances that are unusual for us.

As the recent past showed that a pandemic, war or natural disaster can wipe out and change any landscape in the blink of an eye, it is extra important that we continue to discover and appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world around us. This summer, therefore, artistic director and pianist Nino Gvetadze is taking us 'On the road'. We go via the Silk Road, Scandinavia, Paris and Vienna to Argentina and America.

Join us from July 28 to August 4! The programming is online. Ticket sales start June 1.


"A few minutes of special history"

"And so the three artistic directors of the festival were sisterly together on stage and received great applause. As an encore, the three of them played the Prelude from Shostakovich' Five pieces for two violins and piano in a meltingly beautiful way. Those were a few minutes of special history in Delft."

... Peter van der Lint, Trouw, Aug 1, 2022...

Would you like to reminisce about the previous festivals? Check out our Flickr account HERE. Or enjoy the the concerts of 2021 HERE.

Artistic direction

Ticket sales 2023 started

Ticket sales for the 26th edition of the Delft Chamber Music Festival started on Thursday 1 June. Enjoy beautiful chamber music this summer during the 26th edition. From 28 July to 4 August, artistic director and pianist Nino Gvetadze takes you on a journey 'On a journey' via the Silk Road, Scandinavia, Vienna and Paris to Argentina and America.

Musicians include Candida Thompson, Frederieke Saeijs, Harriet Krijgh, Gareth Lubbe, Severin von Eckardstein, Ed Spanjaard, Barbara Kozelj, Bram van Sambeek and Carel Kraayenhof.

Afterwards you will meet your friends and the musicians at the festival site on the Oude Delft where you can grab a nice glass together. Most concerts last an hour.

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Geef een Toegift

Delft Chamber Music Festival vindt dat iedereen van klassieke muziek moet kunnen genieten. Daarom doet het festival mee met ‘Geef een Toegift’.

De Verenigde Podiumkunstenfestivals lanceerden deze actie en inmiddels doen hier 39 festivals door het hele land aan mee. En met succes! Maar wat is ‘Geef een Toegift’ nu precies? Vergelijk het met het principe van het uitgestelde kopje koffie: je koopt één cappuccino voor jezelf én je betaalt er meteen één voor iemand die daar geen geld voor heeft. Zo werkt ‘Geef een Toegift’ ook. Op het moment dat je een kaartje voor jezelf koopt, krijg je de vraag of je ook een kaartje aan een ander wil doneren.

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