Ticket sales for the Delft Chamber Music Festival are handled by the Nationale Theaterkassa. Most of the concerts in the Van der Mandelezaal your seats are marked. The concert in the Oude Kerk is semi-free. For the other concerts free choice of seats applies. The tickets will be sent by e-mail and must be printed out to the concert, along with your discount card (Delft / Rotterdampas, UITpas or CJP, student card).

Manual to order tickets
1. Click on the 'shopping cart' symbol. Select the concert or subscription of your choice. Click on BUY.
2. Click the + sign to increase the number of cards or the - to decrease the number.
3. Click NEXT. If you have chosen a concert in the Van der Mandelezaal, you can now choose your seat. If you agree, choose NEXT. You will then see the text that cards have been added to your basket.
4. Click CONTINUE SHOPPING if you want to reserve more concerts or, for example, a dinner. 5. Or click on CHECKOUT if you want to pay.
6. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until you have selected all the items of your choice.
7. After step 4 you will see a red button at the top of the list. CONTINUE TO THE SHOPPING CART. If you click on that, you will see what you have chosen. Here you can also make your seat selection at CHANGE PLACES. You can also delete concerts here by clicking on the "vuinisbakje" and confirming this.
8. If you are sure about your order, click NEXT at the bottom of the list.
9. Then choose payment and delivery (print the tickets yourself or have them sent by post). You will also see the SUMMARY of what you are ordering again.
10. Enter your email address. And click on NEXT.
11. Enter your name and address details (not all courses are required). And click on NEXT.
12. Click CONFIRM.
13. If you have ordered e-tickets, you will then see the red DOWNLOAD TICKETS button. Click on that button and save your tickets.
14. Check your mailbox: there you will find the confirmation of your order. This also contains the link to download your tickets (if you have ordered e-tickets).

Sold out?
If a concert is sold out, numbers will be handed out at the cash register from one hour before the start of the event. These places will be sold on number from a moment set by the cashier employee before the start of the concert.

To make the intermission more comfortable for you, the tickets for the concerts in the Van der Mandelezaal and Night at the Museum include a drink. Now you do not have to wait in line for a long time during the intermission anymore.