Traditionally, the festival productions in Lijm & Cultuur are different than usual. This year Thomas Oliemans and director / dramaturge Klaus Bertisch put together a program around Orfeo, a main character, a composer who has returned from the underworld as a broken man.

This concert with music, lyrics and beautiful photos by Ruben Terlou is a coproduction with Lijm & Cultuur.

Othmar Schoeck (1866 – 1957)          Notturno op.47 (1933)

Ruhig-Trio: Sieh dort den Berg mit seinem Wiesenhange
Presto: Der Traum war so wild, der Traum war so schaurig
Unruhig bewegt: Es weht der Wind so Kühl
Ruhig und leise: Rings ein Verstummen, ein Entfärben
Rach und kräftig: Ach, wer möchte Einsam trinken

Klaus Bertisch, dramaturge, concept
Ruben Terlou, fotography
Thomas Oliemans, baritone, concept
Candida Thompson, violin
Ingrid van Dingstee, violin
Georgy Kovalev, viola
Ella van Poucke, cello
Pieter Heebink, stagemanager

Attention: there are two starting times for this show. This is the early show that starts at 18:00 hrs. Would you like to go the show at 20:30 hrs? Please check here

Tickets à € 31,-

After the early performance you can dine at Lijm & Cultuur from 20:00. Reserve your dinner for € 30.50.

Music published / licensed by: © Universal Edition, Wenen / Albersen Verhuur B.V., ’s-Gravenhage

Notturno, Orpheus after the underworld - early