During the Young Talent Route, the Delft Chamber Music Festival presents various winners and finalists of the various competitions that are organized in the Netherlands. You can enjoy this musical talent at various locations in the historic city center of Delft, which are within walking distance of the festival site. The first concert will take place in the Van der Mandelezaal, after which the route will take you past the other locations like the Old Townhall, Paardenmarkt and the Old Libraby. You will accompanied by the festival staff.

The program of each concert will be handed out before the concert.

Opening recital Jong Talent Route (you can order this recital HERE as a seperate concert without the complete route)
Jan Wouters (counter tenor)
(semi) finalist of the International Vocal Competition (vocals)
Axel Freier (piano)
Van der Mandelezaal

Merle van der Lijke (harp) and Sarah van der Lijke (flute) 
winners Prinses Christina Concours
Raadhuis Markt

Duo Sola - Myrthe van de Weetering (vocals, violin) & Héctor Hervás Veredas (cello)
& Thijs de Klijn (gitar), Nahir Francis (dance).
winners DCMF Award van Delft Fringe

Alexander Jansen (piano)
semi finalist Young Pianist Foundation
Oude Bibliotheek

Tickets € 32,50

Jong Talent Route