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Enjoy a beautiful story in music and images together with your (grand-)child. Sand artist Gert van der Vijver takes you through the music in a story depicted in sand.

Nodar Gabunia (1933 – 2000) from A Pupil’s Diary (1978)
On the Way to School 
School Bell 
History Lesson 
Arithmetics Lesson 
Music Lesson 
Physics Lesson 
On the Way to Home 
In the Yard (On Horseback) 
Watching TV 
Lullaby Dream

Nino Jvania, piano

Johan Halvorsen (1864 – 1935) Passacaglia violin and cello (1893) 
(based on Passacaille No.6 HWV432 by Georg Frideric Handel)

Frederieke Saeijs, violin
Maja Bogdanovic, cello

Dmitri Shostakovich (1906 – 1975) Three duets for two violins and piano, op.97d (1955)

Frederieke Saeijs violin
Coraline Groen, violin 
Nino Jvania, piano

Camille Saint-Saens (1835 – 1921) Le cygne from ‘Le carnaval des animaux’ (1886)

Maja Bogdanovic cello
Nino Jvania, piano

Cyril Scott (1879 – 1970) Morning Song in the jungle from ‘Impressions from the jungle book’ W.149 (1912)
Nino Jvania, piano

Eerste stappen 6+