Ensemble Carole et Brullare performs music from the Middle Ages and early Renaissance in the Walloon Church on Oude Delft on Sunday morning. The company consists of passionate musicians and singers who, from the pleasure of making music, also want to achieve a high degree of perfection.

One of them is soprano Charlotte Margiono who, in addition to her singing career, sings in major operas in this ensemble. The musicians feel at home in the concert circuit, but also at a medieval market or wedding. Dressed in medieval clothing, Carole et Brullare plays medieval instruments. A special composition of their favorite songs will be performed this morning prior to the brunch at the Delft Chamber Music Festival.

Ich saß uf eime Steine
Walther von der Vogelweide, Manesse Codex, Duitsland rond 1300

O Gloriosissimi
Hildegard von Bingen, Antifoon, Duitsland 1098 – 1179

Qui prend mon
Josquin des Prez, Frankrijk 15deeeuw

Tempus Transit Gelidum
Anoniem, Carmina Burana Manuscript, Duitsland 11e - 13e eeuw

Como poden per sas culpas
Cantiga de Santa Maria 166, Alphonso X, Spanje, gecomponeerd tussen 1252-1284

Verbum caro factum est
Anoniem, Sint-Agnes Handschrift, Nederland 1480-1500

Ich was ein Kint so wol getan
Anoniem, Carmina Burana Manuscript, Duitsland 11-13e eeuw

Dou way Robin/Sancta Mater gratiae
Anoniem, Engeland 13e eeuw

Afbeelding met muziek

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Engelse dans/Belfiore
Anoniem, Oxfort Engeland 13deeeuw / Anoniem, Italië, 15e eeuw

Durme, durme
Anoniem/traditional, sefardisch, Catalonië, Spanje 15e eeuw

Quen diz mal da Reynna Esperital
Cantiga de Santa Maria 72, Alphonso X, Spanje, tussen 1252-1284

Anoniem, IJsland 10e eeuw

El Rey del muncho
Anoniem/traditional, sefardisch, Catalonië, Spanje 15e eeuw

The audience can then enjoy a brunch in the festival tent.

Tickets for € 26, - concert incl. Brunch
Do you only want to visit the concert? Then book your ticket here for € 10.

Brunchconcert: Carole et Brullare