Be Mozart is a musical performance in which every child feels like Mozart. Actor Ton Meijer tells (in Dutch) and plays with great humor the life of the great Wolfgang Amadeus and four musicians play his beautiful music.

Ton takes the children into the story of Mozart and the life of around 1760, the time and the world in which Mozart lived. What is it like to be a prodigy and to have to travel and perform so much at such a young age? What is it like to be famous and get to know so many famous people? The show is interactive, children can play the little Mozart and they all go to the opera! In a playful way, the children learn about the life of the past and Mozart's music slowly creeps into their ears and hopefully never leaves!

Be Mozart: a wonderful performance for (grand) parents and their (grand) children.

Ton Meijer, actor
Marijje van Stralen, soprano
Joanna Trzcionkowska, violin
Fred Edelen, cello
Christina Edelen, piano

Tickets € 12,50 / € 6,00

Be Mozart - familievoorstelling