MalaSangre is a Sevillian musical Flamenco group formed by five women: the sisters María, Marta and Pilar, the cousins Pilari and Nerea. They have worked together since 2005, taking their music all over the world, spreading joy and flavor to the audience and transmitting their special way of understanding Flamenco. They have performed in numerous countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, France, Spain, Dominican Republic, etc.

Among the most important works are the performance at the EXPO Zaragoza 2008 as a representative group of the city of Seville and the concert in Italy organized by the Fabrizio de Andre Foundation, with orchestra and the special collaboration of Cristiano De Andre, the Amadei Trio and Marcus Stockhousen In addition, they have carried out various collaborations with the Embassies of Spain in Africa and with the Cervantes Institute, performing concerts and Master Classes in Niger, Gabon, Algeria and Ghana. The women of MaleSangre sing, dance and dazzle the public with their humour, Spanish energy and beauty.

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