Four young musicians studying at Paris Conservatoire (CNSMDP) formed Le Quatuor Elmire in 2016: Cyprien Brod (violin), Khoa-Nam Nguyen (violin), Issey Nadaud (viola) and Rémi Carlon (cello). They played in festivals and concerts and created the "Classic Arte Festival"in Geneva, with composer Doryan Emmanuel Rappaz. They premiered his Quartet Op.13 Suite Folklorique. Le Quatuor Elmire received the teaching and support of musicians such as the Modigliani Quartet, the Ébène Quartet, Philippe Graffin, Jérôme Pernoo, Gilles Millet and Yovan Markovitch. 

In 2017, the quartet participated at the Musicalta Festival, in Lyon, and benefited from the teaching of the Danel Quartet.Open to diverse forms, the Quatuor Elmire regularly performs in piano quintet with pianist Philippe Graffin, Claire Désert, Julien Gernay or clarinettist Juliette Adam.

Quatuor Elmire participates in ProQuartet professional training program since 2017 and residented at ProQuartet in 2018.

Cyprien Brodis playing à Nicolas Lupot violin made in 1817 lend by Mr and Ms. Moreno

Khoa-Nam Nguyenis playing à François Pique violin made in 1790 owned by the luthier Christophe Destannes

Issey Nadaudis playing a viola made by Charles Coquet in 2012

Rémi Carlonis playing Nicolas Lupot cello made in 1804 lend by the Adelus family

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Le Quatuor Elmire