While most musicians choose to go to the conservatory after high school, flutist Jeannette Landré chose to study Music Therapy. She wanted to help children with psychological problems. You can achieve a lot with music, it is one of the strongest means of communication. For years she worked in a children's home, but during a sabbatical the conservatory still attracted her. Her connection with the music became inevitable and before she knew it she rolled into the concert circuit. To her graduation she was first affiliated as a piccolist with the Residentie Orchestra in The Hague. After that, she became the first flautist of the Radio Symphony Orchestra, which later joined the Radio Chamber Philharmonic. Jeannette is active in chamber music. She was part of the Reicha wind quintet. She also plays in the Holland Wind Players, the Asko Ensemble and the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble.

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Jeannette Landré