Georgian Eka Chabashvili is a composer, painter, researcher and associate professor of the Tbilisi State Conservatory. Her work is rich in European and non-European cultural musical traditions. The color palette of her music resembles visual associations, which depend on the connection between her musical thinking and the visual source. "My wish is to paint music and let a painting be heard in music." Eka is known for creating new genres such as micro ballet, micro oratorio, symphony exhibition, micro opera/exhibition, nano opera and hologram theatre. She also developed a concept of new musical instruments: KHMA (combination of wind, string and percussion instruments) and ModEkAl (modified piano), whose sound was presented to the public for the first time at the Delft Chamber Music Festival in 2021.

Eka is actively involved in film and theater (ballet) music genres and receives commissions from Georgian and foreign artists. Eka participates in several international festivals and scientific conferences. She gives masterclasses on composition at various universities in Georgia, America and Europe.

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Eka Chabashvili