DOT Quartet began in 2013 when 4 versatile musicians met in Rotterdam. Raised on a classical background, they all wanted to investigate the possibilities of a string quartet in non-classical music styles like jazz, pop and world music. They compose and produce their own music, influenced by different great artists such as the Turtle Island Quartet, Django Reinhardt, Duke Ellington and Radiohead. The result is a new sound concept, where improvisation and freshness in performances have a main role. Dot Quartet is comprised of violinists Gustavo Cabrera and Chris Kosides, violist Isaac Poels and cellist Iván Nogueira.

In the beginning of 2016, DOT Quartet recorded their debut album, Travelers, containing 14 original compositions, written by the quartet members. The tracks carry influences from different music styles, such as Indian music, folk, jazz, soul. The album was successfully presented on a tour through Spain and the Canary Islands, with a great response from their audience. In 2018 the DOT Quartet won the Delft Chamber Music Festival Award during the Fringe Festival in Delft, which led to this concert.

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