Music group Carole et Brullare was founded in 2013. Carole means "sung dance" and Brullare "happy madness". The six musicians bring a very varied program with lots of singing and play different instruments with which they accompany their voices. With music from the 12th, 13th and 14th century they let the past come back to life. The ensemble has been playing for a number of years at processions, marriages, eetvermaeck, churches and other well-sounding places. The concerts with medieval music surprise, seduce and move.  

The ensemble consists of: 
Helma Hartman, mezzo-soprano, recorder, shawl, single-handed flute, harp, percussion 
Berrie Hendriksen, baritone, bumblebee / dulcimer, citole d'arco, chalumeau 
Stephanie Laddrak, soprano, big drum, percussion, string salter
Charlotte Margiono, alto / mezzo-soprano, fiddle, recorder, pfeife, bagpipe, percussion 
Karien Welling, vocals (soprano), soprano, alto recorder, chalumeau, percussion
Nathan Tax, bass-bariton, vihuella, lute, citole d’arco, percussion

Shows Carole et Brullare

Carole et Brullare