Annemiek Schrijver works at the Dutch broadcasting company KRO-NCRV. She is the host of the program De Verwondering on NPO 2 and Zin in Weekend on Radio 5. After her study at the conservatory Annemiek started working for Radio 4, her first big and lasting love. She soon made countless episodes for Damokles, the KRO radio documentary series. She won the ADO Media Prize there with her Vrouwenvluchtheuvel. She also was the host of various radio programs such as Plein Publiek, Muziek Vandaag, Volgspot, Passie and Nachtlicht. Her television career began with the Copyright Mensseries. Then she presented for the IKON, among others, Het Vermoeden, IKON-live, Alziend Oog and De Nachtzoen.

She has also written various books, including Rachab, Illuminated my night, Mijmeringen van een stadse pelgrim, Ik geloof het wel and Verlicht en verlost. She is currently a columnist for the NCRV broadcast magazine. Annemiek Schrijver gives lectures, workshops and performs as chairman of the day. Annemiek is also editor-in-chief of De Verwondering magazine.

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Annemiek Schrijver