Anna Antipova (violin) and Maryana Golovchenko (vocals) have been performing as a duo since 2021. This collaboration resulted in the storytelling project Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors which they are successfully presenting in the Netherlands.

Violinist Anna, born in the Soviet Union, lived and studied in Ukraine. There he graduated from the Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music in Kiev. During this period she took part in competitions as a soloist and as a member of chamber music ensembles. In 2013 she moved to Rotterdam to study at the Codarts Conservatory. Here she obtained her second master's degree with Misha Furman.

Anna is part of the duo Antima with the Bulgarian/Slovenian pianist Tsarina Marinkova Krajncan. In 2017 Duo Antima won competitions in Germany and Italy. In 2019 Antima released their first CD album Reflections in C minor. Anna is actively involved in Dutch chamber music, orchestral performances, theater and film music and teaches a lot.

Vocalist Maryana was born in Ukraine. She moved to the Netherlands in 2011 to continue her studies and in the intervening decade has established herself as a singer, curator and teacher, with a particular interest in intercultural collaboration. Maryana has collaborated with musician Michel Banabila (known for his combinations of world music and electronica), violinist Oene van Geel, Dutch-Ukrainian composer Maxim Shalygin, singer-songwriter Spinvis, German jazz guitarist Florian Zenker, singer Sanne Rambags and John Kameel Farah.

Maryana is a member of the Quadriga Quartet and the Amsterdam professional choir August 38. Together with cellist Pau Sola Masafrets and kaval player Cengiz Arslanpay, she forms the SonCe Trio. Although she has always been interested in the folk genres of her home country, her deep affinity for traditional Ukrainian and Eastern European genres blossomed when she spent time abroad. "I like the taste of the Ukrainian language when I sing," said Maryana.

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